Friday, May 12, 2006

#34 Je suis a Londres

Here I am in London, staying with Jay & Mascha.

This morning I went for a run round Tooting Bec Lido. Near the end of the run I started to get (even more) tired so I began to walk. Coming towards me was a youngish woman and as we passed she said, in a big London accent, "A'int you supposed to be running?" I replied "I know" with a laugh.

Then blow me, not a couple of minutes later, another woman is sort of jogging from her car towards me and she says, with a grin "I used to be able to run once!" to which I said "So could I !"

So I had a morning's worth of repartee all in the space of five minutes. I think I'll carry on walking around London (in running kit and looking knackered) and see what other comments I get . . . . . . . ;-)

Later we went on a bus.

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